20 Amazing Ideas for Employee Recognition

Use these proven employee recognition ideas in your workplace to create a positive environment and motivate your people

Employee recognition is tied in with recognizing the difficult work and achievements of the people and groups inside your association. It's about making an enthusiastic association with your representatives and your organization, all while supporting the work your workers do and remaining true to your organization's qualities.

It's as much art as science, and the best acknowledgment strategies accomplish something no gift voucher ever can – they cause workers to feel esteemed, regarded, and valued.

In this article we have listed our favorite employee recognition ideas. Given that everyone is working from home at the moment, recognizing employees can boost team morale and employee engagement.

Why Is Employee Recognition Important?

It's common knowledge that employees are far more motivated when there work is recognised. The best employee appreciation programs address employee desires and needs in line with organizational values and budgets. In return, they work harder and a lot of the time spend more time on work, therefore vastly benefitting your bottom line. Fundamentally, providing employee recognition not only benefits the individual, but also the organization as a whole, so tis worth spending sometime adjusting your employee recognition strategies.

In terms of employee recognition ideas, what works for one company may not work for another. However, by in large, recognition programs should be comprehensive, well thought of, and should include feedback for the employee in an atleast semi-formal format.

There are many ways to provide amazing employee recognition, so we've compiled a list of our favourites:

How should you give employee recognition?

It's not always simple to give great worker acknowledgment. Here are the some of the most important aspects you should factor in.

4 Principles of Employee Recognition

Give it regularly

Exhibiting representative appreciation once a year doesn't cut it. For employee recognition to be successful, it should be given consistently. This doesn't mean you need to show signals of thankfulness on a daily basis – in fact, just giving recognition for the sake of it lessens its impact – however, you should aim to recognize great work at least every quarter.

Give it at the right time

After a worker turns in excellent work, your acknowledgment ought to quickly follow. Take too long to reocgnize the positive activity and it loses its meaning and overall impact.

Make it specific

It's disheartening to get a generic "much obliged" after a worker invests a great deal of energy into a venture. So try to make any acknowledgment specific to the employee's activities, qualities, and abilities. Everyone's limits are different, and it's important to acknowledge where someone has gone above and beyond what's expected of them.

Employee recognition from management

Being shown appreciation by organizational authority and supervisors can be significant for workers. It shows that senior-level staff is aware of and valuing their difficult work, which is inspiring and usually a source of motivation for employees who may think their commitments are going unnoticed.

20 Ideas for Employee Recognition

The following are employee recognition ideas for management to provide to their staff, whether it be individually or on a team/department basis.

1. Positive feedback

It's easy to provide positive feedback on a regular basis, whether it be in person or through an email.

2. Organizational awards

Offer a month to month or quarterly organizational award, where management chooses a representative who is working admirably or epitomizing the company's qualities. It formally acknowledges your employee's efforts among their peers and it's a great way to get everybody on the same page.

3. Give recognition publicly

In the event that your worker is receptive of public recognition, make sure they are recognized publicly, in a meeting or on a group forum. This allows the person to feel acknowledged and to highlight to the rest of the organization the extraordinary work being undertaken by others.

4. Lunch out

In the event that your employee isn't one for open acknowledgment, decide on a private lunch with simply you two. This will encourage significant one-on-one discussion and give you a calm space to show face to face the amount you value the difficult work.

5. Organizational merch

Nobody would turn down a decent marked mug, hoodie, or note pad. They're a useful gift and a method to promote pride in where you work.

6. Experiential prizes

If you're willing to invest more into your employee recognition program, consider giving your top employees an experiential prize like sky diving or go-karting. Snacknation has a fantastic list of 50 unique gifts for employees if you need some inspiration and gift ideas.

Employee Recognition for Individuals

7. Cooked feast

Getting everybody together for a meal is a lovely group activity to foster team spirit. It encourages your team to reflect on their great delivery and shows appreciation for their collaboration.

8. Volunteer day

If your business is enthusiastic about offering back to the community, offer to support a volunteer day where everybody goes to a animal shelter or soup kitchen to perform great deeds together.

9. Office excursion

Rather than the standard office party time on Friday, treat your organization to an office trip. Attempt to abstain from drinking-based exercises – since that can segregate a few representatives – and rather pick ones that are unwinding and can suit a different gathering - for example, surfing or paintballing.

10. Wellness day

Worker wellbeing is a hot issue at this moment, and an incredible method to address this and representative acknowledgment simultaneously is to carry self-care exercises to the workplace. You can sort out a spa voucher, care meetings, or wellness classes for the whole group.

Employee Recognition for Teams

11. Lottery Lunch

This one can be a product of both peer to peer, and manager recognition for employees. If you provide a platform for employees to be able to give recognition to each other, as well as top down, they are statistically more inclined to be engaged with, and motivated to work.

Your platform, whether it be manual or software, should have a function for employee recognition, and each week you could either pick the two employees who are most recognised for their hard work, or if there is a larger pool, you could take the top ten names, and pick two at random and offer them lunch on company expenses.

12. Drop them a note

You don't always have to spend money, or set time aside for recognition, a manually written note goes far. Drop them a hand written note saying thank you and why you're expressing gratitude toward them on a Post-It. Stick it in your employees work area with the goal that when they come into work the following day, they show up to a nice surprise. This would be a great way to start the day.

Pondering where to begin? Start with some of these ideas. Be certain your message of appreciation is and attached back to your timely, specific to the employee’s action and impact, and tied back to your organization’s mission and values. By appreciating your individual workers specific activities, you can promote rehashed practices and energize the development of a solid organizational culture.

13. Wall of Fame

WWE do it, so why shouldn't you? Photographs help paint an image that words now and again can't. In addition, they're enjoyable to look at! A wall of fame is a great way to recognise an individuals hard work, but also to bolster company culture, allowing individuals and teams to have something in common and a discussion point.

Snap photographs of your worker's achievements or take candid shots of them working diligently. Urge different representatives to post notes of appreciation for included workers around their photographs.

Searching for something somewhat more inventive? Have representatives you're celebrating get an infant photograph rather and incorporate a brief bio with everything they've accomplished for the organisation. You can likewise utilize the wall to feature group wins with photographs of the group and any significant ventures they've finished together.

14. Custom T-shirts

One recognition strategy you can employee which allows for some creative freedoms is personalised tops for top employees, you can customise these to be humorous and allow your employees to where them every Friday. Of course it would not be a great idea to enforce this, rather make it an option. One option could be to create a different top for each of your company values, and make it an aim for your employees to collect the, all.

15. Premium Parking Spot

Exceptional parking spots are some of the most sought after employee bonuses. Consider offering outstanding amongst other parking spaces for representatives who have gone well beyond. You can even embellish the parking space so everybody knows who the champ is.

Another thought is to hold a month to month drawing for the best parking spaces or an open transportation pass in the event that you have a high number of commuters. Everybody cherishes a blessing they can utilize!

16. Provide development opportunities

Development opportunites are exceptionally prized in work environments. By extending your representatives' chances, you are boosting their capacities, notwithstanding expanding their working environment adequacy. You could do this by offering training programs for the top performers, an r&r retreat, or an all expenses paid trip to a regional lecture or assembly to listen to professionals or industry experts for instance.

17. Gold

At the end of the day, everyone is chasing gold. So why not reward your hardest workers with a little extra gold, whether it be in the form of 20 lottery tickets, or an Amazon voucher? Simple.

18. Give your employees a choice and a voice.

Recognition isn't only a game and reward framework. It ought to be incorporated with your organisations way of life. One approach to do that is to give your employees real choices and a platform to vocalise their opinions.

Does your staff get the chance to pick the projects they work on and the team they work on, or would they say they are constantly allocated their projects? Do you tune in to their thoughts or concerns and really take action on them, or do you tune in yet disregard or excuse what you've heard and proceed with nothing new?

Genuine appreciation is basic. You can give an employee a gift card on their birthday, yet in the event that they've come to you over and again with concerns and you've never made any genuine endeavor to take action, that gift card may not mean much.

19. Party

Why not celebrate together, as a workplace? Wether it be due to hitting a project goal, or because its 5 o'clock somewhere-once in a while a spontaneous celebration is the best time. Also, in those cases, pick a day and when staff may be battling through their work and at a low point during that time or day.

20. Recognise employees acheivements outside of the office.

You have individuals on your staff who are doing fantastic things all the time. They are making, chipping in, and doing a wide range of exercises both inside and outside of work such a charitable work. Why not show them recognition for this publically? We as a whole prefer to have individuals find out about us, yet the greater part of us would prefer not to boast about ourselves. Do the boasting for your staff, and show your entire group how great your employees are behind the scenes as well as in the office.

Coming up with new ideas for employee recognition should be on your HR radar regularly. Remember to make it personal and authentic, and tie your recognition program in to your company culture and core values.

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