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September 18, 2020

Top 10 HR Webinars for Autumn 2020

Stay up to date with key HR trends and industry thought leaders with our Top Ten list of the best upcoming HR webinars.

What is an HR webinar?

Before 2020 the word 'webinar' was not part of our vocabulary (thanks COVID-19) but this invaluable online resource has quickly become widely used by HR industry leaders to share industry news, trends, best practices and case studies.

Participants register their interest online, and are subsequently invited to a virtual event where hosts and invited speakers explore key issues and trends concerning HR and people development professionals. There is usually an opportunity for interaction via a chatroom, and participants can submit their questions or simply sit back and enjoy the webcast.

top 10 hr webinars 5 key benefits of attending a webinar

If you do one thing this quarter, attend an HR webinar

Regularly attending HR webinars allows you to stay current in the rapidly evolving world of HR. They also allow you to fine tune your people processes and hear from industry leaders whilst growing your network. Webinars are really convenient as there is no need to travel. Register for your virtual event of choice online, plug in your headphones and you're ready to go.

Better still, if you cannot make the live date, there is an option to catch up on demand. Some webinars will even earn you credits towards your HRCI or SHRM certification. And the icing on the cake? Most HR webinars (including every single one on this list) are 100% free to register and attend.

Top 10 HR Webinars

1. Gartner

About: Garner are a leading HR research & advisory and consulting company. They offer trusted insights, strategic advice and practical tools to 17,000 associates in over 100 countries. Make the most of their online webinars that are free to view live and on-demand, covering topics from dealing with remote work to employee experience and performance.

Upcoming: Adapt HR Processes to Unlock an Agile and Responsive Culture September 30th 2020 at 11:00am EDT and 4:00pm BST

top 10 hr webinars gartner


About: The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a leading expert on issues impacting today's evolving workplaces, with a mission to empower people and workplaces by advancing HR practices. The regular SHRM webcasts cover important HR and workplaces topics such as hiring, recruiting, onboarding and certification. Upcoming webinars span communication strategies, strategic HR planning and employee engagement with presenters from the likes of Bamboo HR, Awardco and Paycom.

Upcoming: Value-Driven Recognition: The Engine of Engagement September 23rd 2020 at 1:00pm ET / 10:00am PT

top 10 hr webinars shrm

3. HR Exchange Network

About: HR Exchange Network is an online news source for more than 270,00 human resources professionals and though leaders. Their world-class HR, Talent and Learning conferences address the most pressing issues in the Human Resources Industry. Attend their virtual events to get the most up-to-date human resources information and insights from leading HR practitioners. Upcoming topics range from leadership assessments to employee experience.

Upcoming: Supporting Managers in the New World of Work September 29th 2020 at 11:00am SGT

top 10 hr webinars hr exchange network

4. HR Daily Advisor

About: HR Daily Advisor is powered by BLR, an information services and technology company that assists organizations to drive a successful corporation. Their regular webcasts cover a wide range of topics relevant to HR professionals, such as creating company culture, employee performance and the role of strategic HR.

Upcoming: Deploy An Employee Financial Wellness Program that Improves Recruiting, Retention and Performance September 23rd 2020 at 2:00pm ET

top 10 hr webinars daily advisor

5. Paycor's Coffee Break Webinar Series

About: Paycor's Coffee Break webinar series is jam packed with interesting HR topics, from benefits and people management to compliance, employee experience, labor costs and recruitment - there is a subject for every professional. Ranging from 30 to 60 minutes, their webinars are also available on-demand.

Upcoming: Why Does HR Matter Now More Than Ever? September 22nd 2020 at 2:00pm ET

top 10 hr webinars paycor's coffee break webinar series

6. Employee Benefits Reset Series from Personnel Today

About: Employee Benefits Reset is an online webinar series taking place in October 2020 which will play host to a number of key industry speakers to discuss the latest trends, insights and solutions in the HR, rewards and benefits industry. Up to four events will take place per day covering the latest HR topics such as championing remote working, employee expectations post COVID-19, HR and the new normal, re-inventing pensions in a post pandemic world and mental health in turbulent times.

Upcoming: Employee Benefits Reset Series October 5th - October 16th 2020

7. Ascentis

About: Acentis set the standard for free, accredited HR Webinars. With 30 years of experience as an industry leader in HR software and technology, they provide great educational resources including live and on-demand free HR webinars. HR professionals can register for credit hours from the HRCI or professional development credits from SHRM.

Upcoming: Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda – Taking the Guess Work out of the Selection Process September 17th 2020 at 10am PT / 12pm CT

top 10 hr webinars ascentis

8. Talent Culture

About: TalentCulture produces engaging webinars to bring their clients exposure within the HR community and beyond. CEO and HR expert Meghan M. Biro (who also runs the #WorkTrends Podcast) delivers webinars on topics like recognition, delivery better employee experiences and building dream teams.

Upcoming: How Recognition and Rewards Transform the Remote Workplace September 22nd 2020 at 2:00pm ET

top 10 hr webinars talent culture

9. HR Grapevine

About: HR Grapevine is a leading source of HR and talent management news and HR contacts in the UK and Europe. Their webinar series is available live and on-demand, and explores a multitude of relevant HR topics.

Upcoming: Today’s best kept secret to boost your talent October 7th 2020 at 12:00pm BST

10. Ultimate Software

About: Ultimate Software's upcoming and on-demand HRM webcasts cover a host of HR technology topics. Watch to learn more about payroll, talent management, compliance and healthcare reform.

Upcoming: A Fireside Chat with Shark Tank's Daymond John September 30th 2020 at 1:00pm ET/10:00am PT

top 10 hr webinars ultimate software

HR webinars

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