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Published on 20th November 2013 by James Strickland
How to Boost Team Engagment

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Sometimes team engagement is low. Employees feel unmotivated, mentally tired and not engaged. There are certain things you can discuss with your team to change that. These are:

  • Ask your employees to be open to change! People see change as a threat, but this is not the case. Change is a chance for everyone to learn new things and embrace the future.
  • The sooner you embrace change the better you will handle it.
  • Employees should stop wasting time on things they can't control! Employees spend time thinking about promotions rather than focusing on delivering on their goals. Focusing on performance will get them promoted. Tell them that when they have done everything in their power for a promotion and waiting for the results to stop thinking about it, they have done everything in their power and now someone else has to decide.
  • They should stop worrying about what other people think about them (as long as you stay professional). Worrying about pleasing others its waste of time. Their first priority should be to create an environment where they enjoy working
  • They should stop regretting events that occurred in the past. Most employees look in the past and regret for things they said or they have done. What is done is done. Just ask them to focus in the future and where they want to be next year and in the next five years.
  • Employees should embrace the learning from failure. They should treat failure as a learning experience, no one can get everything right at the first time.
  • Tell them to stop focusing on the short team and start looking at the long term. Always, they should look at the bigger picture and align company long term plans with theirs that way as the company grows they will grow professionally as well.

All the above will motivate and improve team engagement. Strong team engagement leads to better performance and results.

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