How Sandvine connects individual goals and corporate objectives with PeopleGoal

PeopleGoal's platform and its SMART Goals module enabled Sandvine to increase the number of employees setting and reaching their goals by 5 times, and align individual goals with the overall strategy of the business.

How Sandvine connects individual goals and corporate objectives with PeopleGoal

Sandvine helps organizations engineer and operate world-class networks with Active Network Intelligence. Data visibility and accuracy are the core building blocks for delivering value to their customers, who now include some of the most innovative companies around the world. These values also drive Sandvine's team members and are an important requirement of all of their SaaS partners.

Sandvine needed a way to better show the connection between individuals' goals and their department and corporate deliverables, to cement engagement within a highly ambitious and fast-growing team.

Keeping the user experience in mind

A user-friendly performance management solution for their employees as well as the administrators was an absolute must-have for the Sandvine team. Their existing tool had limited configuration options and required extensive consultation to make any system changes. With many HR leads across different business units, Sandvine also needed an easy way to pull reports to monitor and track the overall progress against their targets.

Creating cascading strategic goals with PeopleGoal

The configurable Goals module was the main focus for Sandvine. They set up their own fields to measure custom goal attributes in seconds, to track the performance areas relevant to their company culture. Leaders now find it a breeze to make the corporate objectives publicly available to the whole organization and publish their strategic framework every year. Department leads use the corporate objectives to build their business unit's strategy, and employees align their individual goals to both their department and company targets.

Aligning goals leads to fantastic employee adoption

The team also now incorporates goal discussions in their annual performance reviews, making the review itself far more relevant to team members' actual performance across the year. As a result, Sandvine has over 2,500 individual goals set every year - a 5x increase in the number of employees who set and track goals!

It's made a real difference having the personalized training calls and guides, and having the responsive support team handy via chat is great for both employees and admins.

Amanda Lavallee, HR Systems AnalystAmanda Lavallee, HR Systems Analyst

Company: Sandvine

Industry: Technology

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