What are the benefits of using PeopleGoal?

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What are the benefits of using PeopleGoal?

We have highlighted below the key benefits from using PeopleGoal.

Management & HR

  • Improved perception of performance management process for managers and employees
  • 90% reduction in HR time spend to manage performance management process and performance management reporting
  • Management & C-Suite
  • 100% of Managers and C-Suite agree that they have better visibility on what employees and teams are working on
  • Improved employee engagement levels across the company
  • Easier to cascade company objectives and goals to the employees


  • 70% reduction in manager time spent discussing employee performance
  • 2x increase in constructive feedback given across the business


  • 100% participation in reviews, 85% before the deadline
  • 3x improvement in manager-employee communications and role expectations when using monthly check ins
  • Improved visibility of company goals and objectives
  • 100% of employees agree that they have a way to provide feedback to management
Nikolaos Lygkonis

Nikolaos Lygkonis

CEO at PeopleGoal


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