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January 30, 2014

7 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Your Team

Key performance indicators can help you understand team and employee performance. We put together a list to help you measure performance and much more.

How do you really know who your best performing team members are? Having a set of critical key performance indicators for your employees is a good way to develop an objective view of your top performers. We've defined seven key critical performance indicators to help you go about measuring performance in your team.

Key Performance Indicators


How happy and engaged is the employee? Does he/she interact with others at work and interact with you in conversations? An early warning sign for dis-engaged employees are those people who do not communicate, are often not visible in the office or unresponsive to emails. Engaged employees are more productive and contribute to a positive work environment.

Key Performance Indicators - engagement


Employees with energy are those who show up to work with an enthusiastic attitude and a desire to get things done. Look for the people who spend their energy in productive ways - like producing deliverables, conducting meetings and communicating a lot. High energy level individuals will often be highly motivated and put in the extra hours.

Key Performance Indicators - energy


A great key performance indicator is the amount of influence an employee has over his/her peers, managers and direct reports. Employees with influence will rapidly rise to the top because there is normally some reason for their gathered respect, whether it is because they are a subject matter expert in that particular area, or because they are an influential leader.

Key Performance Indicators - influence


In the long term quality is a greater indicator for success than speed. Look for people who are diligent, hard working and have attention to detail. The quality of an employees work should be sufficient to set them apart from the crowd. Always value employees who let the quality of their work do the talking, rather than their mouthes.

Key Performance Indicators - quality

People skills

Socially adept networkers are sure to rise to the top, and should be given appropriate opportunities to use these skills for the betterment of the company. Employees with great people skills should be given chances to manage teams and work on the people agenda of the company. However, watch out for the quality of their deliverables and ensure they live up to their own standards.

Key Performance Indicators - people skills

Technical ability

In technical roles the pure ability to execute on the job description is a good key performance indicator. Employees who are in highly technical roles should be judged accordingly, and not compared with other departments who might fulfil a more generic business function. Be sure to understand the technical background of the role when assessing these staff members.

Key Performance Indicators - technical ability


Results trump everything else. If someone is constantly hitting and exceeding their targets, then there can be no arguments against what they are achieving. A results driven workforce which rewards people based purely on results can be a highly effective way to manage teams.

Key Performance Indicators - results

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