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August 17, 2019

101 examples of great job titles in business

In this article, you will find 101 job titles used in business and understand how to write use them in job descriptions.

Whether you believe job titles in business represent your skills and expertise, or that they are irrelevant against the accomplishments that define your role, job titles have undoubted importance in terms of company hierarchy and in defining roles within a company. They are also useful when trying to find a job, and in creating a sense of self for employees. There’s a load of job titles out there, so whether your trying to discover the perfect fit for your next role, or you need inspiration for a job title you are about to give to a new hire, here’s a list of 101 job titles for you to browse through:


1. Mobile App Developer

As a Mobile App Developer, you’ll be tasked with creating, designing and developing mobile apps.

2. Computer Graphics Animator

As a CG animator, you will be tasked with designing, presenting and developing graphic animation whether it be for commercial advert use or as a product.

3. Game developer

As a Game Developer, you’ll be tasked with creating games, this will include programming games, developing them alongside their graphics to be played.

4. Security Specialist

As a Security Specialist, you’ll be tasked with analyzing and maintaining security systems, data, and equipment. Furthermore, prevent any breaches and investigate any breaches that do occur.

5. Technical Account Manager

A technical account manager vital to maintaining decent customer relations. You’ll be tasked with maintaining customer relationships by analyzing customer requirements and develop solutions to any issues they may have.

6. Product Manager

A Product Manager role brings together technology, business, and user experience. You’ll be required to understand and balance multiple requirements for products, and through A/B testing, make sure the final product is the best. Job titles in business PM

7. Agile Project Manager

As an Agile Project Manager, you’ll be tasked with managing the design and build of IT products or services within an agile work framework.

8. DevOps Manager

DevOps managers are the team leaders of your tech teams, you’ll bring together the operations team and development team to produce the optimum software.

9. Technical Lead

The Technical lead is the leader of a group of developers, you’ll be setting and maintain the vision for the development teams. As well as making sure the teams have everything they need, from the right environment to equipment.

10. Cloud Architect

Cloud Architects roles are to design, set up, and manage a cloud data storage system which is the best fit to a businesses needs. They must also provide access services and provide quality security measures.

11. Data Scientist

Data scientists are tasked with managing, analyzing and interpreting data provided to influence decision making within a business.

12. Data Analyst

Data analysts on the other hand, are responsible for the collection of data, and processing this data into reports for businesses and organizations.

13. Data Modeler

A data Modular role surrounds defining what data an organization needs and how to structure it for maximum effectiveness.

14. Data Architect

Data Architects design and build the systems for collecting, processing and storing data that will be analyzed and used by an organizations.

15. Database Administrator

Database administrators are used to install and maintain secure databases fir data storage.

16. Systems Administrator

A systems administrator role involved the maintenance and upgrade of any software/hardware an organization uses.

17. Systems Engineer

This particular job involves developing, installing and evaluating software systems for an organization to use.

18. Business Systems Analyst

As a Business Systems Analyst you’ll be responsible for researching the best software for a company to implement in order to increase performance etc

19. Python Developer

Python Developers are tasked with implementing Python within development designing, prototyping and the developing apps using it.

20. Ruby on Rails Developer

Ruby on Rails Developers are required to use Ruby on Rails to design, prototype, and develop apps.

21. Frameworks Specialist

Framework specialists will be used to design, prototype and write code for web projects.

22. Wordpress Developer

Wordpress developers are tasked with maintaining websites through wordpress, by managing content, plugins, versions with git and github as well as designing and developing themes.

23. Software Developers

The main roles for a software developer revolve around coding. They test out software and analyze it, working with designers, programmers and product managers to optimize the software.

24. Full-Stack Developer

Full stack developers build and manage platforms, working with teams to complete code projects, and manage databases.

25. Mobile Developer

The main tasks for mobile developers are to optimize the code behind mobile apps, this includes designing, testing and analyzing the code.

26. Front-End Developer

Front end developers are tasked with building prototypes and interactive sites, managing user data and debugging interactive websites.

27. Front-End Designer

Front end designers are responsible for transforming prototypes into web pages, optimizing the graphics and tidying up the code/fixing any issues.

28. Interaction Designer

A interaction designers responsibilities include creating wireframes, screenflows and prototypes. This ground can also cover site maps, moodboard and designing interactive web designs.

29. Accessibility Specialist

As an accessibility Specialist, you’ll be tasked with evaluating accessibility compliance, in tie with UX, UI , and product designers. This includes researching and testing products and services for accessibility

30. UI Designer

Your work as a UI designer will be to design site interfaces and graphics, do customer analysis, perform design research, and create branding and interactive and animated designs.

31. UX Designer

The main roles for a UX designer incorporate researching and analyzing user experience and behaviors, and optimizing web designs reflecting the research.

32. Information Architect

As an information architect, you’ll be responsible for creating site maps and user flows, researching concept and usability testing.

33. Content Strategist

Content Strategists tend to define and implement brand voice, this relies on managing content, and designing strategies alongside your content manager.

34. Content Manager

Content managers are tasked with managing content to fit in line with the brand voice and values. They also are responsible for analyzing user engagement and implementing strategies in retaliation to analyzed data.

35. Growth Hacker

A Growth Hackers role is to conduct SEO and drive new customers towards organizations websites and ensure the scaleability of business growth.

36. Social Media Manager

As a Social Media Manager, you’ll be tasked with creating online content targeted audiences on social media, you will optimize this through testing, analyzing and creating strategies to maximize brand awareness.

37. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Managers main role is to attract users and convert them into customers. This is done through a multitude of marketing strategies implemented in the digital world, optimized through analyzing any previous and current strategies in place.

38. Web Analytics Developer

Web analytic Developers are tasked with collecting, measuring, and analyzing data such as web traffic, acquisitions and conversions. This data will then be used to make sense of how the general public and potential customers are using the web, with results influencing the online strategy of your marketing team.

39. SEO Consultant

As an SEO Consultant your main roles with revolve around increasing inbound links to maximize traffic. This will entail the optimization, copy, and metadata for SEO.

40. Marketing Technologist

Marketing Technologists are tasked with creating marketing strategies and sourcing technology that an organisation can use to implement those strategies.


41. Account Advisors

This role involves responding to clients and customers over the phone and resolving any queries they have. They are often the initial contact person for a client

42. Account Consultant

An accounting consultant provides clients with services that help them analyze financial information to help their decision making regarding important business decisions.

43. Account Executive

An account executive is someone who managers the interests of a client. This role usually exists in the advertising industry.

44. Account Specialist

An account specialist could be described as the first point of call for prospective customers and existing customers (depending on their exact role). The account specialist contacts potential customers, closes sales and assists the needs of existing customers.

45. Assistant Store Manager

This role functions to help support the manager in the daily operations of a retail store. Supervise employees, work with customers and help carry out the directives of the manager and owner are all considered daily operations.

46. Business Development Specialist

Business Development Specialists are responsible for creating effective business proposals for their company. They also are involved in identifying potential additional streams of revenue as well as and analyzing current business processes.

47. Client Advisor

This position has responsibility for managing existing client relationships and to help formulate and implement advice. They are the primary manager of client relationships.

48.Director of Sales

A director of sales is imperative to improving the sales and revenue of an organization. They also are very involved in hiring, managing and supporting sales staff.

49. Executive-Level Management

Executive level management fundamentally leads the team by managing a group of sales managers to be as effective as possible. This includes dealing with organisatiozal issues and interpersonal problems.

50. Outside Sales Representative

An outside sales representative is tasked with spending most of their sales time out of office, or in the field, and usually does not distinguish between. BSC or B2B sales.

51. Retail Sales Consultant

Retail Sales Consultants are the in house sales team, who serve customers who come into the store.

52. Sales Administrative

Sales Administrators are tasked with supporting the sales team via handling administrative tasks such as order processing, answering customer queries, creating schedules for the sales team, and analyzing data to input into sales strategies.

53. Sales associate

Sales associates are tasked with selling retail goods in house and to handle any customer queries.

54. Sales Consultant

A sales consultant is responsible for answering any questions the consumer may have about a product, represents a business in a sales environment to drive product sales and knowledge, and further acts as a liaison between consumer and manufacturer.

55. Sales Director

A Sales Director is a team leader. They supervise sales managers, implement marketing strategies, and national sales plans. They are further required to maintain sales volume, product mix, and selling price by keeping with current supply and demand, changing trends, economic indicators and competitors. Moreover, this job can usually extends to establishing personal networks and participating in professional societies.

56. Sales Engineer

Sales engineers are tasked with selling products revolving around science and technology to businesses. This requires deep product knowledge, and personable skills.

57. Sales Management

Sales managers are responsible for managing the large profile customers, analyzing budgets, as well as implementing strategies to improve the sales process. They will also be in charge of a sales team and will be tasked in setting objectives for individuals.

58. Sales Representative

Sales Representatives are tasked with B2C and/or B2B sales, with the primary aim to sell a companies products whether it be on the field or over the phone.

59. Store Manager

Store Managers are required to run the sales and operations of a retail store. This include and is not exclusive to; monitoring the financial performance of the store, recruiting, training, and supervising staff, and implementing sales strategies in store.

60. Telemarketer

Telemarketers are tasked with soliciting orders for goods or services over the phone.


61. Social Media Specialist

As a Social Media Specialist, one of your main requirements will be to build and execute social media strategy based on audience research, and to optimize company pages within each social media platform.

62. Paid Search Specialist

This role focuses on assisting the online marketing services by driving paid search advertising campaigns, as well as SEO/SEM.

63. Executive Director

Executive Directors are the team leaders in campaigns, taking designing and implementing strategies, and overseeing overall projects.

64. SEO Manager

Seo Managers are tasked with designing, implementing, and managing a companies overall SEO strategy. This includes but is not exclusive to a wide variety of duties such as content strategy planning, web marketing, web analytics, keyword strategy, and link building.

65. SEO Content Strategist

Content strategists are usually tasked with creating and maintaining editorial calendars, style guides, metadata frameworks, taxonomies and content migration plans.

66. Director of Marketing

The Director of Marketing is responsible for the organization of all marketing activities, such as campaigns, digital marketing, PR, and events. They are ultimately responsible for the development and delivery of a fully integrated marketing strategy.

67. Account Manager

An Account Manager is tasked with maintaining long-term relationships with a portfolio of clients, this includes connecting with key stakeholders, and developing a favorable relationship with clients and managing their accounts.

68. User Experience Manager

User Experience Managers are fundamentally required to understand how satisfied customers are with the technology their company provides Therefore they perform a wide array of data collection and analysis to be used to aid the design of the optimal website/apps for their customers.

69. Content Marketing Manager

This role is focused on increasing brand awareness and traffic to a companies website through the marketing and distribution of content online. This will include collecting and analyzing data to be used in optimizing content.

70.Marketing Specialist

Marketing specialists are tasked with developing new marketing campaigns and strategies based on detailed analysis of market forces. They work alongside creative teams in order to create/develop a brand voice and promotional material.

71. Digital Marketing Analyst

Digital Marketing Analysts analyze data such as keyword hits, search engine traffic and page clicks in order to determine the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.

72. Social Media manager

Social Media Managers are responsible for planning, implementing, managing, and monitoring company’s social media strategy in order to increase brand awareness, improve marketing efforts and increase sales.

73. Account Executive

Account executives are tasked with maintaining client relations and developing their client portfolio, and also serve as a direct link between the advertising agency and the existing client.

74. Web Developer

Web developers are tasked with designing, coding and modifying websites, this is in accordance to a clients specification.

75. SEO Specialist

A Search Engine Optimization Specialist’s role is to analyze, review and implement websites that are optimized to be picked up on search engines. This is done through creating content to include keywords or phrases to increase traffic to website.

76. Marketing Coordinator

A Marketing Coordinator is responsible for implementing and advertising marketing campaigns, tracking sales data, maintain databases, maintaining promotional materials inventory and preparing reports.

77. Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing Specialists are required to design, create and implement marketing campaigns to support the expansion and growth of a company products and services.

78. Marketing Manager

Marketing Managers are responsible for the marketing department within a company. They are tasked with developing marketing strategy, coordinating marketing campaigns in line with sales activities.

79. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Managers are required to develop and manage digital marketing campaigns. The way this is done depends on the company, but is usually implemented through the use of SEO, paid search and PPC. A big aspect of this job is managing the online brand, including through the use of social media, to increase brand awareness.


80. Director of Operations

Director of Operations are responsible for the coordination and direction of an organisation. This can cover a wide variety of responsibilities, which fundamentally play into the growth and profitability of a company such as staff management, department supervision, goods production and expense control to name a few.

81. Business Development Manager

A Business Development Manager is tasked with developing marketing literature, identifying sales leads, pitching goods or services to new clients and maintaining decent relationships with new contacts. They are also responsible for overseeing a the business development department.

82. Team Leader

A Team Leader is responsible for guiding a group of employees to complete a project.

83. Trainee Manager

Fundamentally undertaking managerial duties under supervisor.

84. Assistant Manager

Assistant Managers are the right hand man to managers when is comes to keeping a business running smoothly, taking on some managerial responsibilities such as overseeing employee’s. They are also there to step in when the manager is absent.

85. Operations Supervisor

Operations Supervisors responsibilities fundamentally revolve around the execution and planning on the budget in a department and office management, but also extend to; supervizing employees, evaluating employee performance, reporting on department metrics, providing advanced customer support and various admin tasks.

86. Operations Manager

An Operations Manager is responsible for overseeing high-level HR duties such as recruitment, and analyzing and improving organizational processes.

87. Executive Director

The executive Director is responsible for managing the administration, programs and strategic plan of the organization. They usually report directly the board of directors.

88. General Manager

A General Manager is responsible for managing employees via designing and implementing policies and overall strategies. The tasks will include but are to exclusive to allocating budget resources, managing operational costs, improving administrative processes, coordinating business operations and ensuring good customer service.

89. Manager

A Manager’s role is to manage the work of a group of employees, via planning and maintaining work systems, procedures, and policies that develop the performance of a workplace and its employees.


90. Chief Executive Officer

CEO’s are the highest ranking executive at an organisation. They manage the companies overall resources, and operations, make the major corporate decisions, and communicate with the board of direcvtors, management team, operations teams.

91. Chief Marketing Officer

CMO’s are tasked with planning, developing and implementing the entire business marketing strategy.

92. Chief Financial Officer

CFO’s are responsible for providing leadership, direction and management of the finance and accounting team of an organization.

93. Chief Information Officer

A Chief Information Officer is responsible for examining an organizations operations and how they are using technology/how to optimize their technology processes.

94. Chief Data Officer

A Chief Data Officer is tasked with overseeing the collection, management, and storage of data across an organization.

And if you made is so far here are some job titles in business that it might be difficult to understand them without reading the title

95. Beverage Dissemination Officer

A Beverage Dissemination Officer is tasked with serving drinks from behind a bar.

96. Light Bender

A Light Bender is someone who creates neon signs.

97. Cheese Sprayer

A Cheese Sprayer is someone who applies the protective coating onto cheese by hand.

98. Chick Sexer

A Chick Sexer is someone who determines the sex of chickens on a farm.

99. Director of First Impressions

The Director of First Impressions is a fancy way of saying receptionist

100. Snake Milker

A Snake Milker is someone who milks snakes for their venom.

101. Employee Experience Champion

An Employee Experience Champion is tasked with championing the best techniques for employee’s experiences. Job titles in business Employee Experience Champion

So there we have it, 101 Job Titles and their description.

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