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December 4, 2015

Friday Features #1

How to get the most out of your Dashboard, set Google-style OKRs and configure your account. Here's wishing you a successful and streamlined review process this year!

A Regular Guide to All Things PeopleGoal

Followers of our emails will have already received the first of our features updates, so why not have a handy blog reference for all things PeopleGoal, too? We'll use Friday Features to share our latest and greatest tools, from the basics to some of our more advanced PG Admin solutions. Anything you want to see here? Just drop us a line! Which leads us to your first feature...

Give us Feedback

Whether it's an idea for something new, an improvement to an existing module or a quick high five to our team, we want to hear from you. Find our 'Request a feature' and 'Give us feedback' tools in the drop-down menu on your Dashboard, so you can fire off your suggestions to us as the lightbulb ignites. Easy!


Remember, you can also use the 'Support' button on the Dashboard drop-down to speak directly to our ever-patient Customer Success Team. Speaking of the Dashboard...

Dashboard & Timeline

Your Dashboard is the most useful module for managing individual goals and company-wide news. It contains all of the key features to set goals and request feedback.

Dashboard 1

As an Admin you can post company, department or team level news using the 'Share' tool, and as a User you can acknowledge your colleagues' achievements with the 'Recognize' tool - pick from our pre-designed badges or customise your own in Account settings. You go, Glen Coco.


You can also set custom timeline items to remind your teams of important deadlines with flexible reminders - again at company, department or team level.

3 4

Now on to the big stuff - how to set effective and inspiring goals for your team.

Google-Style OKRs

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is a goal-setting technique used by Google to support their rapid growth strategy since their very first year of operation. With PeopleGoal you can easily customise your goal setting to the OKR style.

Designed to link company objectives to team/department and individual goals with key results that connect all levels of the organisation, OKRs are encouraged to be transparent across the business and are effective at making sure every employee knows what is expected of their role.

If you've never set OKRs before or you just want a few tips on their use, have a look at this great video by Rick Klau, Partner at Google Ventures, showing some of John Doerr's original slides (!

Account Configuration

We want PeopleGoal to work seamlessly within your company structure, so we've tried to make each module as customisable as possible. Settings for each level of the platform can be changed by Admins in the 'Configure' toolbar. Some of our most useful features are:

Cumulative feedback questions - standardise questions at company, department and team level

Development plans - outline a short- and long-term progression strategy for every individual

Training - upload your internal company development courses and resources

For a more detailed overview of each setting's function, check out our FAQs.

Export to PDF

Last but certainly not least, at the close of your performance management cycle you'll want great looking and easy-to-manage reviews to access in future. Enter our 'Export to PDF' function, so you can save all reviews for offline access.


Hint: you can do the same for goals and feedback...

Here's wishing you a successful and streamlined review process this year! Any questions or comments, just drop us a line.

Feel free to read our other blogs, reviews or FAQ’s to find out more. You can even try our platform in a free 14-day trial with no subscription needed.

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