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July 13, 2021

How to Build an Employee Engagement Survey Template

Employee Engagement Surveys are an essential part of HRM. Download our templates to assess your employee's wellbeing and sentiments towards your organization today!

What is included in this blog?

  1. What is an employee engagement survey?
  2. Why is employee engagement important?
  3. How to build an employee engagement survey?
  4. 2 Downloadable Employee Engagement Survey Templates

Employee Engagement surveys are integral to Human Resources Management to assess an employee's sentiment towards the organization that they work for.

Managers can boost employee engagement by communicating the company mission and values to their employees. It is important to have a leader who motivates employees to perform at their best and inspires productivity.

Forbes report that only 15% of the workforce is engaged. To assess how engaged your employee's are, check out our downloadable engagement survey templates or PeopleGoal's app store which offers a series of tools to manage your employee's engagement.

What are Employee Engagement Surveys?

Employee Engagement is more than simply employee satisfaction. Employee engagement is where employees are motivated to perform at their best at work every day. They are committed to reaching the company's goals and objectives.

Engaged employees enjoy their jobs, are able to motivate their peers, and work hard to reach targets. Forbes have revealed that highly engaged teams of employees are 21% more profitable.

Employers use employee engagement surveys to assess employee engagement.

👉 Download our anonymous Employee Engagement Survey Template

Employee Engagement Survey Template - anonymous survey

👉 Try our Named Employee Engagement Survey Template

Employee Engagement Survey template - names survey

Why are Employee Engagement Surveys Important?

Employee engagement is important for a number of reasons:

  • It increases productivity
  • It improves employee satisfaction
  • It maximizes employee retention
  • It leads to better customer service and satisfaction
  • It increases profitability

Employee Engagement Survey Template - why important

Gallup have discovered that 70% of variance in employee engagement comes from managers. For this reason, it is important to manage employee engagement by sending out frequent surveys and acting on feedback.

How to Build and Employee Engagement Survey?

To build your employee engagement survey, you should consider asking employees the following questions:

Manager/ Supervisor Relationships

Do your employees feel like they have a good relationship with their manager? Do they receive constructive feedback and are they able to offer it back in return? Do employees give and receive feedback from their peers?

It is important to value 360 feedback. Ensure that every employee feels valued and is recognized and rewarded for good performances.


Is your team collaborative? Do peers support and encourage each other to perform well?

A collaborative company culture enhances employee performance and increases employee engagement.

Growth Opportunities

Do employees envision career growth within your organization? Do they feel supported to find learning and development opportunities? Have managers helped to build development plans or succession plans?

It is important for managers to take an interest in employees personal and professional lives to offer the appropriate support and resources.

Work-Life Balance

Do employees feel that they have a good work-life balance? How is the workload?

As more people work remotely, it is more important than ever before to ensure that you support employee's mental health and wellbeing.

Behavioural Fairness

Does your organization have an efficient system that rewards and recognizes employees who perform well?

It is essential to monitor diversity and inclusion within your organization. Is everyone treated fairly within the workplace? Have there been experiences of favouritism or nepotism?

Effective Communication

Do employees feel that they understand changes in the company mission or values? More importantly, is everyone aware of changes in policies or procedures?

It is critical for an organization to have managers who lead effectively. They should communicate well with employees and be open to two-way and continuous feedback.

Employee Engagement Survey Template - questions

Engagement Survey Templates

👉 Download our anonymous Employee Engagement Survey Template which asks employees about manager relationships, teamwork, growth opportunities, work-life balance, behavioural fairness and workplace communication.

👉 Try our Named Employee Engagement Survey Template which asks employees for their opinions on their working life, their team relationships and the company and can be used during manager check-ins.

Edit our templates to build an employee engagement survey today and help your employees identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current company culture!

Engagement Surveys: Our Final Thoughts

Employee Engagement Surveys are important in HRM as they help managers identify which components of the company culture are effective at inspiring employees and what need to be changed to improve employee satisfaction and subsequent productivity.

PeopleGoal can help you automate employee engagement processes with our customizable apps. Explore our app store to learn about how PeopleGoal gives employees a voice and valuable insight into your company culture. We provide the tools to schedule weekly, monthly or quarterly surveys that assess employee wellbeing and diversity and inclusion. We build custom reports that provide the information most useful for your organization to grow.

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