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March 18, 2020

9 Employee Engagement Activities to Boost Motivation

We have created a list of employee engagement activities to improve employee engagement. Have you tried any of these?

We all know the importance of employee engagement and companies are becoming increasingly aware they need to innovate and keep employees engaged. There are so many blogs out there talking about employee engagement and why it’s important. But very few talking about niche and novel ideas to boost employee engagement. That’s why we’ve got a few for you.

9 Employee Engagement Activities to Boost Motivation

9 Employee Engagement Activities to Boost Motivation

Learning Lunches

Learning lunches are an interesting and adaptable way of increasing engagement. Take your team out for lunch and bring along a topic to discuss over lunch. Or alternatively, have an employee-focused chat about each other. We thoroughly enjoy asking each other ridiculous questions and seeing people’s responses. Have a look at these questions and see if they might work at your next lunch and learn.

Special Days

What about a niche day every so often. Bring your dog to work day or rent a litter of puppies for the office. Think up a random thing to do in the office and put it into action.

Team Building Activities

Getting out and bonding with the team through team building activities is a sure-fire way to boost employee engagement. Boardgame cafes, escape room, paintballing, virtual golf, cooking courses, the possibilities are literally endless. Get out of the workspace

Volunteering Days

Supporting local, regional or national charities through volunteering is not only a good, altruistic act, it is also beneficial for boosting employee engagement. To many employees, engagement isn’t just about perks and healthcare, its also about having a healthy work-life balance, giving back and flexibility. Consider giving employees a number of volunteer days which they can utilize.

Casual Days

This one might not be feasible for everyone. Why not try out a ‘wear what you want’ day, or be more conducive to allowing remote working days. If you have remote workers on your books how can you make sure they remain engaged? Have a read here.

Snacks Galore

Everyone loves snacks right? But what’s better than snacks? FREE SNACKS. Bulk buy snacks for the office. Fruit, chocolate, crisps, healthy bars, etc. Just ask your employees what they like and go out and buy bulk, to keep your costs low.

Employee Lottery

This is a bit of a niche one. Have a weekly or monthly or even annual employee lottery. Charge employees £1 to enter the lottery, and tell them that whatever the total is, the company will match it.

Birthday Benefits

Birthday benefits are a great and easy way to boost employee engagement. There are so many opportunities for birthday benefits. Presents, leaving work early, a small party, lunch out. There are so many ways to show appreciation for birthdays. You could also extend this to anniversaries and personal milestones.

Meditation Zone

Have a little chill-out zone for employees. Plants, bean bags, books and plenty of natural light. Ask employees what they want in their zone, or even better get a few people to design it. You could even have a little competition for employees to design the zone.

So what do you think of some of these activities? Do you think they would be effective in improving employee engagement in your organization? Do you use any novel ways to boost engagement at your company?

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