Performance Improvement Policy

Use this customizable PeopleGoal Performance Improvement Policy template as an outline for your company’s performance improvement policies.

Use this customizable PeopleGoal Performance Improvement Policy template as an outline for your company’s performance improvement policies.

The PeopleGoal Performance Improvement Policy describes the process of performance improvement reviews, what employees may expect from performance improvement reviews, and how performance improvement reviews are linked to employee discharge.

What is a Performance Improvement Policy?

A performance improvement policy explains to managers and employees what to expect from performance reviews and the link between performance improvement reviews and employee discharge.

This ensures that employees understand their job requirements and perform their role at a high level. They should focus on improvement on a day-to-day basis.

performance improvement policy - definition

Why is a Performance Improvement Policy Necessary?

It is important to have an employee performance improvement policy because it enrichens your company culture. 96% of employees want to hear feedback regularly and having a policy in place adheres to this.

Moreover, having a performance improvement policy helps keep your workers engaged. Managers account for 70% of variance in employee engagement and therefore it is important for managers to take an active role in helping their employees achieve results. It may be worth building an improvement plan with employees.

Finally, Performance Improvement Policies support underachieving employees. This strengthens company loyalty and may increase rates of employee retention. Managers use the review process to ensure that work has been delegated effectively to maximize team productivity.

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What is the Performance Improvement Review Process?

To begin, a Department Manager submits a request for a performance improvement meeting with an employee 5 days in advance. This should include the time, date and place of meeting, in addition to specific performance concerns and the potential outcomes of the meeting.

During the meeting, the employee and manager discuss job expectations and plan training strategies to improve an employee's performance.

After the meeting, a report should be drafted by the Department Manager detailing the meeting specifics and the outcomes.

4 weeks after the initial performance improvement meeting, a second meeting should be organized between the Department Manager and the employee to evaluate progress. Dependent upon improvement, employees may or may not require further meetings.

Employees who are subject to more than two performance improvement review meetings in one year may be subject to termination by discharge.

performance improvement policy - review process

What does a Performance Improvement Policy include?

Use our customizable Performance Improvement Policy template as an outline for your company’s performance improvement policies. It should include:

  1. A Document Overview
  2. Performance Improvement
    1. What is the Performance Improvement Review Process?
    2. What will employees get?
    3. What is the link between performance improvement and employee discharge?
  3. Disclaimer

Simply adjust the information is the brackets on our template to suit your company needs and manage your employee's performance effectively.

performance improvement policy - document overview

Disclaimer: The PeopleGoal Policies are general templates and should only be used as a basis for company policies. Please take into account all local, state, and federal laws when drafting your company’s final policies. This is not a legal document or a contract, and PeopleGoal will not assume any legal liability associated with the use of this document.

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