Code of Conduct Policy Template

PeopleGoal customizable Code of Conduct template to outline your company's employment policies

Document Overview

Use this customizable PeopleGoal Code of Coduct Policy template as a starting point, helping you on the way to creating your own company’s Code of Conduct Policy. This document covers the following:

  • Conflict of Interest
  • Attendance
  • Dress Code
  • Internet and Social Media
  • Relationships
  • Workplace Visitors
  • Personal Visitors
  • Professional Visitors
  • Solicitation Visitors

Beyond this, the PeopleGoal Code of Conduct Policy template contains an assortment of more particular classifications that will flesh out your own Code of Conduct Policy document.

Code of Conduct Policy

What is a Code of Conduct Policy?

A Code of Conduct policy will define how employees are expected to behave in the workplace. Within it, there will be information around the daily practices, company values and culture. Each and every policy will be bespoke to the organization.

In publishing a good Code of Conduct policy, both employees and employers can rest assured of the guidelines concerning acceptable practices in the workplace.

code of conduct definition

Why do we need a Code of Conduct Policy?

Equipped with a properly thought-out code of conduct, any organization can clearly communicate it's mission, values and principles. Establishing what is expected as a standard of work for all employees is valuable for all members of an organization.

Through outlining the organization's values and principles, the company culture will be more clearly defined. The code of conduct policy can be used as a means to determine the relationships and expectations upon each individual.

benefits of a great code of conduct policy

Each organization needs a Code of Conduct Policy so that there is a written contract for the otherwise unspoken expectations around employee behavior.

Without an explicit policy that specifies acceptable and unacceptable behavior, it becomes increasingly difficult to coordinate the actions of any workforce. A Code of Conduct Policy has the power to coerce employees into performing in accordance with the company culture.

efficient performance with code of conduct


The PeopleGoal Policies are general templates and should only be used as a basis for company policies. Please take into account all local, state, and federal laws when drafting your company’s final policies. This is not a legal document or a contract, and PeopleGoal will not assume any legal liability associated with the use of this document.

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