What is Snagajob?

Snagajob is the leading hourly marketplace in the US for connecting job seekers and employers. It is one of the most popular international online job boards.

There are over 100 million registered job seekers at 450,000 employer locations. Snagajob's popularity can be pinned to its focus on solely hourly work, especially as 36% of US workers are invlved in the gig economy. Ths equates to approximately 57 million people!

Snagajob launched in 1999 and quickly rose to become one of the biggest platforms for hourly work. By charging a fee per job posting, the business has cornered a significant market and as Snagajob's CEO Peter Harrison explains "People aren't looking to snag-a-job, anymore. They're looking to snag-a-shift."

For employers, Snagajob is the go-to platform to post hourly jobs or fill vacant shifts. Aside from job postings, employers can also create a customized career site, schedule shifts on the go, screen candidates before they are hired, and conduct online interviews using the site. There is even an e-verifying system to onboard new employees.

Should you decide to give it a try, we recommend you do some research about the job listed within Snag before you send the personal information to those job offers. Look to learn about the background of the companies listing the jobs and go directly to the website of employer to find out more. Why not ask them about the listing to hear if they suggest anything you can do to better your options of obtaining the job?

Snagajob lets users set up job alerts. This way they can be notified via email as new job opportunities appear, which should help in saving time for those who find themselves balancing a whole range of responsibilities.

Breaking into a new job can be a challenging experience as increasingly they require a superhuman performance at each stage of interviews. The stress of knowing how to best present oneself to hiring staff, as well as honing your job searching skills is significantly reduced by Snagajob's job tips forum. This gem of a resource provides you with incredibly rich information straight from industry experts.

Snagajob's 4 Core Values

These are the 4 core values specified on the Snagajob website.

1. Solidarity

Create community. Champion workers. Be an ally to employers.

2. Candor

Keep it real. Speak hard truths with positive intent. Be worthy of trust.

3. Unconvention

Question the status quo. Imagine what might be. Take smart risks.

4. Fire

Deliver results. Do whatever it takes to meet our mission. Never settle.


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