What do SMART goals stand for?

Many employees don't know what SMART goals stand for! Here's the definition and answer: A SMART goal is an objective that an individual has set as part of their personal or job tasks. SMART stands for for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.

The SMART acronym is a method that allows you to think of specific attributes when setting your goals:

  • Specific: What is specific about your goal?
  • Measurable: How you are measuring your goal?
  • Achievable: Is your goal achievable? Within your reach?
  • Relevant: Is your goal aligned to your work and company objectives?
  • Time-bound: By when do you expect to achieve your goal?

We have created a SMART goal template which you can download here: smart goals template word

Also the picture below covers a SMART goal example by covering each section of what SMART goals stand for: SMART goals stand for

Setting SMART goals can help improve productivity, employee engagement and focus in an organization. It can further support personal development and the time management skills of an individual and a team. Furthermore, SMART goals can serve as an action plan to reach management objectives. SMART goals are widely used for project management as they can help a project manager to set clear goals.