The process of finding and hiring the best-qualified candidate for a position.

Recruitment entails a hiring process in which a hiring manager or talent acquisition use applicant tracking systems to find and assess job seekers.

Potential candidates must demonstrate that they have the necessary experience and knowledge that will demonstrate that they are the most suitable applicant for a position. Any growing company will have a variety of job openings that are created with the intention of attracting top talent. Each open position will have a job description that outlines the requirements and expectations for any potential candidates.

A recruitment strategy will enable talent acquisition to sift through passive candidates and other potential candidates to discover the top talent available to the company.

Recruiting Software

The use of applicant tracking systems or other candidate sourcing methods are fundamental to the hiring process. Typically human resources management is responsible for coordinating the hiring process. A hiring manager or another talent acquisition representative will assume the lead role of promoting open positions and recruiting top talent.

Oftentimes, it is popular to use a recruiting software to streamline this process. From coordinating social media campaigns to analyzing the potential candidates, these tools can significantly benefit the team behind the recruitment process.

Internal Recruitment

Occasionally a position may be more suited to a candidate that is already involved with the organization. For example, a senior member of staff may have retired and so there is an opening for an existing member of staff to be promoted. In these cases, there is no need to post on any job boards as the most suitable candidate is already working within the team.

To determine whether a role should be promoted for internal recruitment requires job analysis that will reveal the requirements of the role. Here an employee referral may be presented for a possible candidate that meets the specific requirements of the open position.


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