The process of moving a new hire from applicant to employee status ensuring that paperwork is done, benefits administration is underway, and orientation is completed.

Employee onboarding also known as organizational socialization is a procedure that human resources must fulfil with every new employee. The purpose of running onboarding programs is to ensure that any new employee feels as though they have a full grasp of the job responsibilities along with the knowledge, skills and behaviors expected of them in this role.

The employee experience is moulded by the process of onboarding. Ensuring long term commitment to a company culture is achieved through good employee engagement and job satisfaction. The most effective employees are receptive to mentor programs or other effective onboarding approaches. Promoting a corporate culture will be much easier with an executive onboarding in contrast to a junior. There must be a consideration for the approach taken in onboarding to ensure you develop truly effective employees.

The role of an existing employee in the onboaring process is crucial to employee orientation. Encouraging team members to be welcoming and supportive of new hires is fundamental to enabling them to become a follower of the company culture.


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