Employee Pulse Survey

Is a form of engagement survey that is shorter, more frequent, happens on regular basis and measures the same item (e.g. satisfaction) over-time to identify trends and measure performance in your organization.

Much like how a doctor does a pulse check on a patient to monitor their health, employee pulse surveys provide us with insights as per the wellbeing of the workforce. Collecting regular feedback is valuable for any organization to better understand rates of job satisfaction and the employee experience.

When receiving feedback, a constant measurement will facilitate a better long term analysis of a company culture.

Higher response rates to pulse surveys demonstrate better engagement levels. These higher response rates also contribute to increased job satisfaction, as an organization can respond and act more effectively when receiving feedback on a regular basis.

employee pulse survey

The growth in the popularity of pulse surveys has illustrated an important step away from the traditional annual engagement survey. Survey cadence is beneficial for it presents more opportunities for employees to give valuable feedback. This regular feedback can then better inform action plans for organizations.

An organization can learn a significant amount when it considers itself from the view of the employee. As employees are fundamentally the making of an organization, they are most aware in terms of seeing what exactly is going on within it.

The Key to a Great Pulse Survey Tool

Establishing a regular employee pulse survey will generate an up to date reflection of employee satisfaction. It is important to allow the right amount of time between surveys, since persistently asking employees for feedback can lead to survey fatigue.

Dependent on the work environment in your company culture, decide whether you would like to gather responses on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

The frequency of your pulse surveys should determine the questions you ask within. For example, daily surveys should be short - possibly multiple choice options that an employee can complete in under five minutes. Meanwhile, a bi-weekly survey might allow for a few more longer responses amongst multiple choice options.

The questions given should be clear and to the point. Ask about topics that relate to the employees experience of work. For the most part, employees should be able to give responses on a scale of strongly agree to strongly disagree.

All in all, the pulse survey is useful for gathering and analyzing how your employees feel at work. Whilst collecting this data provides great insights, it is pointless without acting in response to the feedback.

Use the data to better inform your approach to improving the experience of work. From this, you will see significant progress with regard to better employee engagement and job satisfaction.


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