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January 9, 2014

5 motivating quotes for employees to increase engagement

Managers need to constantly make sure that employees are engaged. We have put together a list of motivating quotes for employees to help you improve engagement.

Employee engagement is a key issue in the modern workforce. The average time an employee stays on a job is less than three years. So managers and executives need to constantly make sure that employees are motivated and engaged. We've previously written about how to boost team engagement but what are some tips to engage individuals? We came up with motivating quotes for employees.

Top 5 motivating quotes for employees

Here's our top 5 motivational quotes to pass along to your employees or team members:

Motivating Quotes

"Your work rate is fantastic!"

If an employee is working long hours a great and simple way to motivate them is just to recognize this. Acknowledge their hard work!

"I really appreciate you staying late last night"

Employees don't mind working late when they feel motivated and engaged. It's easy to overlook this when someone is constantly putting in the long hours. So remind yourself to acknowledge your employees when they go above and beyond the call of duty.

"Your presentation to the client was really well delivered, especially section 2"

Be specific when you deliver feedback to your employees. People feel motivated when they know you've recognized specific points about the work or behavior - generic comments only go so far.

"You are doing great work - keep it up!"

It takes all of 3 seconds to deliver a positive message and tell people they are on the right track. It's important to constantly reinforce good behaviors, so when you see them occurring be sure to recognize them.

"John (our CEO) was really impressed with your spreadsheet skills"

Pass along good news! All too often managers fail to pass along positive feedback that they've received from above, that is really due to their team members. Recognizing when one of your team members has been acknowledged from above is a great way to keep motivation up.

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