Company Culture Survey

Measure awareness of the company values and whether employee experience within the organization meets these values.

Company Culture Survey


Company culture is more than just your values. It’s how you create the work environment most conducive to growth. Teamwork, a sense of belonging and common purpose are all attributes of a positive work environment.

Running a regular company culture survey will help establish a strong and positive organizational culture.

The Company Culture Survey app will help you to assess how employees experience company culture in their working lives, through 12 targeted questions about:

  • Teamwork and co-operation
  • Perceptions of leadership
  • Commitment to long-term success
  • Psychological safety

This survey can be sent anonymously by using the webform function in the app settings. You can customize the question set further to align with your own company values and ways of working.


  • Regularly measure and understand how employees experience your company culture
  • Pinpoint where your company values aren't being aligned with team members' actual working life
  • Analyze data to map out company-wide strong points and areas for growth

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