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PeopleGoal super-charges your employee experience - from on-boarding, development, performance, feedback, coaching, compensation, off-boarding and alumni. PeopleGoal is used by the fastest growing companies in the world.

Our story

PeopleGoal was founded in 2014 by James Strickland and Nikolaos Lygkonis while working together for one of the Big 4 accounting firms. Having worked in multiple teams and projects, they experienced first hand how companies struggle to implement processes in order to retain their top talent. This sparked the idea to create PeopleGoal. A platform that empowers companies and managers with the right tools to engage and develop their teams. PeopleGoal was incubated by AngelPad and bootstrapped to support hundreds of small medium and large organizations in multiple regions of the world.

james strickland and nik lygkonis

Our mission.

"To give to every business the right tools to engage their employees, develop their talent and boost their performance."

Our journey

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