Seamlessly onboard and upskill your Tech employees

Every company has its own set of unique HR processes. PeopleGoal can partner with you to build solutions that fit your company culture and meet your organization's needs in onboarding, performance management, engagement, and development. Simplify and streamline your complex processes with our easy-to-use workflows.

How we can help

Maintain Your Competitive Edge

Switzerland is on track to become the leading European Country for Technology! PeopleGoal can help make your HR processes more efficient to maximize your competitive edge. Our best-in-class platform automates operations and produces real-time reports. Our dynamic data analysis has proven to be a vital tool that informs employee policies and procedures.


Enhance Your Employee's Experience

👉 HR Solutions Integral to the Success of Software

Only 6 out of 10 technology jobs are able to be filled. We understand the risk of skills shortages and offer an extensive selection of apps that can be used to reskill and upskill your employees. Offer employees training opportunities and build development plans to maximize employee retention and upskill your workforce!

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👉 Motivate your Employees - The Sky is the Limit

Embrace technological change with PeopleGoal's paperless HR processes. Use our premier platform to inspire employees to perform at their best! Working from home in the current climate may lead to disengagement. Our best-in-class software can help you assess employee wellbeing and foster a healthy work-life balance for all.

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👉 Plan for the Future with PeopleGoal

Our data-driven approach strives to help high-growth software firms grow and scale up! Use our custom built reports to inform HR policies that will affect all business functions. Check out how iQmetrix partnered with us to successfully implement continuous feedback and build a company culture centred upon recognition.

The app and workspace approach of PeopleGoal was really effective for us because right at the onset we were able to build processes from scratch. You have the templates for the apps, but also the ability to build them yourself and it's not super complicated. Something that us as non-technical folk can pick up easily and customize to our heart's content. It's been really interesting to see the different potential uses because of how flexibly it's built. There's this feeling that you can do almost anything in there.

Allison Cribbs
People & Culture Specialist, iQmetrix

Solving HR problems in complex organizations at scale.

Our implementation model leverages an experienced team of HR and business consultants to deliver smooth implementations with complex requirements.


Enterprise features that you can rely on.

Enterprise features allow PeopleGoal to deliver complex solutions in large organizations with confidence. Our enterprise features include the following:


Implement single sign-on strategies like SAML, IdP, OKTA, One-Login, Microsoft Azure and more.

Role-based Access-Control

Define custom roles and permissions for app and workspace levels, enabling unprecedented control.


SLA agreements, including help with support, implementation, delivery and custom applications.


Connect with over 500 platforms like ADP, WorkDay and more. Use our SFTP service or API to build your own.

Change Management

Be notified in advance or upcoming releases, and control your own release cadence with custom apps.

Audit Logging

See a full activity log for every text input, item, app or workspace. Everything is logged & tracked.


Encrypted database at rest and SSL, as well as RBAC, ensures your data is secure. Continuous backups available.


Define custom reports including charts, metrics and custom analysis. Send data to your own BI tools.

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implementation approach.


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