Bridging the Skills Gap for your Education Workers

Every company has their own set of HR Processes. PeopleGoal will partner with you to build solutions that fit your company culture and meet your organization's needs in onboarding, performance management, engagement, and development. Simplify and streamline your complex processes with our easy-to-use workflows.

How we can help

Dynamic data analytics and reporting for fast-paced New York teams

PeopleGoal's effortless employee data tracking provides HR professionals with valuable insights. Real-time charts and automated calculations will highlight opportunities for development whilst also flagging potential pain points preventing employees from performing at their best.

Understanding how employees are engaging with each of the apps will reveal how they are interacting with your people process.


Enhance Your Employee's Experience

👉 Simple & Effective Goal-setting

Create cascading objective models that will engage employees across the entire organization. Assist employees to exceed targets with transparent and informative objectives, facilitating them to reach maximum productivity. Allowing your employees to reach their personal goals facilitating the success of your company goals.

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👉 Motivate Employees - The Sky is the Limit!

With only 30% of online educators feeling their engagement and motivation is the best it could be. Try our customizable surveys to monitor employee engagement and identify how to inspire a boost in productivity. Maximizing your companies effectiveness in the American online education sector.

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👉 Align both your employees and organizations goals

PeopleGoal supports cascading objectives setting. Motivate and engage employees with full transparency regarding their contribution in the pursuit of wider organizational goals. Through the use of our SMART goal app, this has never been easier to set relevant and useful goals for your employees.

The difference between PeopleGoal and so many of the other vendors is that they have truly made this whole process about the customer, about making us better and stronger as a company. We have deepened our reliance on the goal setting and measuring capabilities which has really enhanced employee understanding of what they are supposed to be doing and why. PeopleGoal has helped us with role clarity, goal achievement and direction.

Theresa Ulyatt
Head of Talent & Inclusion, iStar

Solving HR problems in complex organizations at scale.

Our implementation model leverages an experienced team of HR and business consultants to deliver smooth implementations with complex requirements.


Enterprise features that you can rely on.

Enterprise features allow PeopleGoal to deliver complex solutions in large organizations with confidence. Our enterprise features include the following:


Implement single sign-on strategies like SAML, IdP, OKTA, One-Login, Microsoft Azure and more.

Role-based Access-Control

Define custom roles and permissions for app and workspace levels, enabling unprecedented control.


SLA agreements, including help with support, implementation, delivery and custom applications.


Connect with over 500 platforms like ADP, WorkDay and more. Use our SFTP service or API to build your own.

Change Management

Be notified in advance or upcoming releases, and control your own release cadence with custom apps.

Audit Logging

See a full activity log for every text input, item, app or workspace. Everything is logged & tracked.


Encrypted database at rest and SSL, as well as RBAC, ensures your data is secure. Continuous backups available.


Define custom reports including charts, metrics and custom analysis. Send data to your own BI tools.

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implementation approach.


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