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July 7, 2021

New Hire Survey Templates Free to Download

New hire surveys are an imperative step in your onboarding process. It shows your employees you care about their opinions boosting employee engagement.

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New hire surveys are a crucial step in the onboarding process of your new employees. It helps build long-term employee engagement and performance by identifying how your new hire is feeling after their first month at work. It is also beneficial for you as the employer by allowing you to assess the efficiency of your orientation techniques and onboarding protocols. This allows you from day one to have an open and honest communication channel with your new hires.

What are New Hire Surveys? ℹ️

New hire surveys are a set of questions that your newest hires take at the end of their onboarding process. Companies are advised to distribute one after the first, second, and/ or third month from an employee's hire date. This gives you a clear measure of that employee's job satisfaction and engagement. It can also be paired with an engagement and a wellbeing survey.

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While offering lots of benefits to both employee and employer, only 12% of employees say that their onboarding process was acceptable and comprehensive according to Gallup. A way to improve this for your company is by continually using new hire surveys 30 days after an employees hire date. This is to identify any key issues early in the process in order to correct them as efficiently as possible.

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🌟 A way this can be done is through the use of People Goals New Joiner Survey. It is automated and streamlined, preventing you from forgetting to send the survey out to your employees and missing out on this crucial data. With its repeatability at 60 and 90 days, you can compare answers to see if any of your improvements have had an effect and where further improvements are still needed. �

🌟People Goals new joiner survey offers a perfect welcome to new hires by demonstrate how focused and organized your company is from day one. It also provides employees with high levels of support by offering them a place to provide feedback, thereby, improving employee retention.�

Your Free New Hire Survey Templates

This template is more centred around the role itself.

Click here to download your free new hire survey template 👈

New hire survey template - 1

This template looks into leadership and the hiring process.

Download your other free new hire survey template by clicking here 👈

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New Hire Survey Best Practices ✅

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1. Use open ended questions

By using open-ended questions you will allow your employees more freedom to answer with longer and free-form sentences. As identified by a leader in survey software, open-ended questions provide you with a true account of your employee's feelings and opinions.

This is why People Goals new joiner survey uses 6 open-ended questions situated around the highs and lows of their first few weeks, to get their true judgment of the companies onboarding process.

2. Keep your surveys brief

They should take no longer than 15 minutes and should cover a breadth of points. The key reason for this is these surveys should be done during the employee's working hours and therefore will remove them from their workflow which you would want to limit. According to research the longer the survey the worse the responses are as well as an increase in abandoment rate.

3. Go online

Online processes allow for these surveys to be automated and simplified by preventing the transfer of physical forms you also improve your privacy.

This is another strong point of People goal's new joiner survey, due to our automated states the survey will only be completed and viewed by those it is intended for. This will further improve the honesty in the answers provided.

4. Follow up

This can either be a quick one-to-one or a message on slack. But by showing you are actively invested as an employer in the employee's opinions will help create better engagement.

Have a look at People Goals check-in app, which can allow you to streamline the whole onboarding process by incorporating it after your new joiner survey to follow up any flagged answers.

5. Explain how the results will be used

Either in the email or the survey itself outline how the results will be used and who will view them. This allows the employee to have the confidence to answer more truthful if they are assured that HR may be the only ones to view their responses.

10 New Hire Survey Questions You Should Include🌟

Need some inspiration as to what to include:

  1. Describe your role in the company

  2. What are your three most enjoyable aspects in your job?

  3. What are the three least enjoyable aspects of your job?

  4. Was the interview process acceptable?

  5. Is your job title suitable for the role?

  6. Would you ever be interested in cross training for another department?

  7. Have leadership been supportive so far?

  8. Have you had a check-in with your manager?

  9. Was the training you received adequate for your role?

  10. Have you set your goals with your manager yet?

Templates for New Hire Surveys 📝

This template is more centred around the role itself.

Click here to download your free new hire survey template 👈

New hire survey template - 1

This template looks into leadership and the hiring process.

Download your other free new hire survey template by clicking here 👈

new hire survey template - 2

New Hire Surveys: Start right

New hire surveys are a great way to start your new employees career journey right. By showing how organized and professional your company is it provides higher levels of trust and job satisfaction by showing your employees you care about hearing their opinions from day one.

🌟To learn more visit our How to create a new joiner survey.🌟

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