Employee Pre-Onboarding

Help new hires to hit the ground running by giving them the right documents, references and equipment before they start.

Employee Pre-Onboarding


Pre-onboarding is designed to get you and your team ready to welcome a new hire before they join so that they can get off to a great start.

The Employee Pre-Onboarding checklist includes:

  • A form for employee details like their address, emergency contacts and SSN/Tax numbers
  • Pre-employment HR checks for references, payroll and benefits enrolment
  • New joiner activities that need be organized by the line manager to get the employee up to speed and integrated with the team

You're encouraged to customize the checklist further to set specific participants and relationships, and include company-specific policies and documentation. You can attach all policies as download files for any state participants.


  • Automate the pre-onboarding process so that your team is prepared for any new joiner
  • Ensure nothing falls through the cracks and all employee information is properly captured
  • Give managers the tools they need to successfully integrate a new team member into the company

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