Employee Onboarding

Optimize employee onboarding with checklists for your newest recruits, their manager, administration, IT and HR.

Employee Onboarding


The employee onboarding process is designed to provide new employees with a great first impression of your company.

There are many people involved in a new hire's first few weeks and months, and all of them need to be up to speed on their role and expectations. An onboarding checklist makes sure that everyone has the right documentation and is prepared to welcome new talent to the team.

The Employee Onboarding app includes:

  • HR documentation checks to make sure you've received signed contracts, benefits and payroll details, and have provided the employee with the correct policies and handbooks they need.
  • Line manager checkpoints for giving the employee the right information, introducing them to their team and setting up regular one-to-ones and check-ins.
  • Administrator activities to provide new hires with office equipment, contact details and welcome packs.
  • IT checks to set up new joiners with the right equipment, software and tools.

You're encouraged to customize this checklist further with company-specific policies, equipment and teambuilding activities.


  • New hires are given all the tools and information they need to be successful
  • The company provides a consistent new joiner experience
  • Expectations and standards are set up correctly

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