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November 30, 2021

How to Build a Weekly Priorities Template for your Team

Weekly Priorities are a crucial component of HRIS. Download our weekly priorities template to document your team's performance and feedback all in one place!

What is Included in this Blog?

  1. What are Weekly Priorities?
  2. Why are Weekly Priorities Important?
  3. How to Build a Weekly Priorities Template
  4. PeopleGoal's Downloadable Weekly Priorities Template

Weekly Priorities are monitored by every organization as a form of Performance Management. HRIS is important to track what employees are doing and the completion rate of their tasks. It is also beneficial to identify the potential challenges that employees may face that can prevent the completion of tasks.

It is common for organizations to use weekly reports to track task statuses and compare what employees have achieved across departments. A collaborative environment can boost performance and productivity, and build a healthy company culture.

PeopleGoal helps automate performance management processes and general HRIS. We inspire employees to work towards goals they set themselves. Managers can track progress and our series of apps promote two-way and continuous feedback.

What are Weekly Priorities?

Weekly Priorities are a method used by managers to track employee performance management. Employee's state what they aim to achieve at the beginning of the week using HRIS. They update this at the end of the week to reflect upon what they have achieved and explain the challenges they have overcome.

It is important to align weekly tasks with your company vision and overall objectives. Gallup have revealed that just a 10% increase in connection to company purpose leads to a 4.4% increase in profitability.

Weekly Priorities Template - PeopleGoal template

👉 Download our Weekly Priorities Template which asks employees to list their weekly tasks and reflect upon their progress and task completion. Managers can review this and offer invaluable feedback.

Why are Weekly Priorities Important?

Weekly Priorities are important for the following reasons:

  • It enhances performance management
  • It links different departments together
  • It improves continuous feedback
  • It help managers reward and recognize the best performing employees
  • It aligns personal goals with business objectives
  • It helps plan and assign tasks for the following weeks

It is essential that managers recognize and reward their top talent to maximize employee retention. There is plenty of scope to improve this as currently only 6% of CEOs think that their organization's performance appraisal system is useful.

Weekly Priorities Template - why important

How to Build a Weekly Priorities Template

Identifying weekly priorities is a fundamental task for employees to manage their time and resources. Take the following steps to build your weekly priorities with the correct information:

1. Identify Your Weekly Tasks

At the beginning of the week, every employee should list what tasks they need to complete. It may be useful to list them in chronological order or in order of importance.

2. Consider Who will be Involved and Potential Challenges you could Face

Employees should then consider who will be involved in every task and the challenges that may delay the completion of these.

Prepare for potential roadblocks and strategize ways to overcome any difficulties that you may face.

3. Reflect upon what you have Achieved at the End of the Week

At the end of the week, it is important to self-evaluate your performance. Think about what tasks you completed and the progress that you have made. If applicable, consider the challenges that you have overcome.

4. Managers Offer Feedback

A healthy company culture values communication and continuous feedback. Managers should give you constructive feedback on your performance for the week. It is important to recognize employee achievements and make everyone feel valued.

SHRM conclude that only 27% of employees receive feedback a few times a month.

Weekly Priorities template - steps

Downloadable Weekly Priorities Template

👉 Download our Weekly Priorities Template which asks employees to list their weekly tasks and reflect upon their progress and task completion. Managers can review this and offer invaluable feedback.

Edit our template to document your weekly priorities today and help your employees manage their performance and progress towards goals!

Weekly Priorities: Our Concluding Thoughts

Identifying your weekly priorities helps employees to manage their time and resources. It also helps managers track their team's progress and provide continuous feedback. Self-reflecting upon your achievements and evaluating the reasons why some tasks were delayed gives valuable insight into assigning tasks for the following week.

PeopleGoal can help you automate performance management processes with our customizable apps. Explore our app store to learn about how PeopleGoal keeps employees on track with the company's bigger-picture objectives. We provide the tools to document weekly priorities, track their progress and share 360 degree feedback.

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