A note to potential investors.

Our terms

PeopleGoal participated in AngelPad (2014), after which we declined to raise further investment. You can read more about our journey here. PeopleGoal is a boot-strapped SaaS company operating in the HR software market. We run a profitable, scalable, and highly innovative company without outside capital. We have no board and no politics, and we intend on keeping it that way. With that said, as a potential investor evaluating PeopleGoal, you must agree to our terms if you want to proceed in conversations with us:

  • You will treat this primarily as a public market investment. You give us capital, we give you equity, that’s it.
  • You will have absolutely no downside protection.
  • You will not get a board seat unless we find that the value add will be extreme.
  • You will have no participating preferred or preferred rights.
  • There will be no liquidation preferences, at all.
  • You can rest assured that any and every business decision is made in the best interests of PeopleGoal.
  • You will receive quarterly investor updates with full transparency.

We’re very happy with the company that we’re building, and it’s growing without the need for outside capital. We have a tremendous amount of inbound interest (hence we’ve created this page), and we do not plan on wasting anyone’s time who does not agree with our base terms.

Nikolaos Lygkonis & James Strickland

Founders, PeopleGoal

james strickland and nik lygkonis

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