Can I bulk upload multiple users to PeopleGoal?

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Can I bulk upload multiple users to PeopleGoal?

Yes, You can mass import users into PeopleGoal by uploading an Excel spreadsheet (.xls or .xlsx format) or CSV file.

Users should be sorted according to hierarchy, with managers and top-level execs appearing first (so that those users are created first, and then can be assigned as managers for other employees). The upload template includes the following fields:

  • First Name: Employee first name (required)
  • Last Name: Employee last name (required)
  • Email: Employee email address - must be unique (required - case sensitive)
  • Manager Email: Managers email address - manager must exist in PeopleGoal or be placed above the employee in the upload file (case sensitive) (optional)
  • Team Name: Team to which the employee should be assigned (optional)
  • Role Title: Job/Role title of the employee (optional)
  • Admin Rights: Yes/No - should the user have administrator privileges (optional)
Kylie Strickland

Kylie Strickland

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