Develop, manage and track your key people activities.

Effective employee development is a fundamental driver of improved performance. PeopleGoal allows you to build development tools across a broad range of key HR activities: training & development plans, PIPs, absence management, on-boarding and off-boarding, and customizable employee databases.


Training & Development Plans

Each member of your team should have unique training and career development plans that further the advancement of their career. PeopleGoal allows you to build custom plans suited to the individual. Customers have seen increased employee motivation and and morale with these plans in place, and businesses have seen increased efficiency and process improvement.

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Time & Absence Management

Effective process discipline leads to employee empowerment and management confidence. Using PeopleGoal, you can create custom absence management processes for things like sick leave, holidays, maternity/paternity leave, personal development etc. Our data-view allows management to generate reports and identify trends. Employees have a centralized place to input and track all time & absence requests with built in approval workflows and calendar integrations.

On-boarding & Off-boarding

An effective on-boarding process for new employees is critical to develop that initial engagement level and get new hires feeling confident, productive and part of the team. PeopleGoal has an on-boarding solution centered around checklists and task activities. These checklists can be customized and a unique on-boarding workflow built for your specific team requirements. Off-boarding can be a chance to leave a positive impression of your company; a well-structured off-boarding and exit interview process will make those difficult transitions much smoother for both parties.

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Employee self-service & custom databases

PeopleGoal acts as an all-in-one solution for employee self-service: employees can update personal & emergency details, job titles, roles, and much more. PeopleGoal is a customizable employee database; you are free to add and define custom fields and field-types to store any information that may be relevant to your process or company. Our self-service solution leads to improved accuracy of HR information, increased efficiency and less time spent on administrative activities.

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