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Published on 20th October 2013 by James Strickland

What really makes a good manager?

The traits of a good manager are:

  • Sets clear objectives and goals for his team: A good manager talks with his team at the beginning of the performance cycle and identifies primary and secondary business objectives. A manager explains what being a top performer means and has meetings regularly in regards to performance and expectations. An effective manager discusses the outcomes and results of a task with the team and allows employees to get their work done and trust them to execute their tasks. A great manager makes a personal investment in his team success. He takes the time to discuss their goals with them and he helps them achieve such ambitions.
  • Mentoring: A good manager coaches and mentors his/hers team and leads by example. A manager supports his team when they face difficulties and helps the team develop by being a source of help and allow employees to run a task rather than taking over.
  • Provides Feedback: A good manager does not wait until the end of the performance cycle to provide feedback to his team. He gives feedback along the way while he sets a coach-player relationship. Also this way negative feedback does not sound like a prosecution as the employee gets the chance to change things or try some different.
  • Employee Recognition: A good manager shows his appreciation to his team. Science has proven that humans thrive on recognition. Positive reinforcement always work and every manager should be aware.
  • Teamwork & Team environment: A good manager should make the team members to feel equally important. Think of a basketball team everyone plays his equally important part assigned from the coach. A good manager sets the tone in the team in terms of respect and trust while he encourages innovation and feedback. A good manager gets to know his team and gives his full attention when needed.
  • Talent scout: A good manager finds what his team members can do best and finds out what they enjoy best. He then distributes tasks according to their talents. This way a manager not only gets the job done at the highest standards but he also achieves employee satisfaction.
  • Direct & Sensitive: A good manager is open and direct with his team. He does not wait to raise issues with performance but he also helps the teams resolve the issue.
What makes a good manager? A good manager should spend a significant amount of time with every employee to discuss their performance and how they can enhance their skills. false 2013-10-20 20:50 James Strickland

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