Do you wish to improve your job performance in 2020. Here are some proven, easy to implement ways of improving work performance.

Ways of Improving Work Performance in 2020

The chances are you just went through your annual performance review, and feel motivated to improve your performance even more in 2020. Luckily for you, here are some proven ways of improving work performance.

A brief guide to the steps you can take to ensure your performance at work improves in the new year.

You may be considering how to start 2020 in the right way. Alongside vowing to watch less Netflix, and to actually use your gym membership, you may have considered the ways of improving your work performance. This is an area usually left to be discussed during your performance evaluation, however there is no harm in getting ahead of the game and getting it sorted right now. At the end of the day, no matter how well you perform any task, you can always do better than you did yesterday. So we’ve compiled a couple of tips to get you started...

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Identify and remove distractions:

It’s easy to get distracted by notifications from all manner of apps you may have or your favourite websites. Distinguish which apps/websites/distractions are not part of your work and remove them from the situation. This can be done either by turning off notifications during working hours, or all together deleting the apps/blocking the websites. This way you will limit your waste time to minimum and manage interuptions. Another way how to become more focused is scheduling time for each of your responsibilities to develop healthy habits and routines.

Set Milestones:

What do productive people have in common? Setting milestones. Creating individual success metrics to analyze your goals is a useful way to keep track of your progress. By effective project management, breaking down big projects into smaller steps, whether these be personal or professional, you can enjoy the small gains whilst working towards the end goal. This will keep you motivated which a vital ways of improving work performance.

Focus on one task at the time:

Multi-tasking can compromise the quality of your work. Work towards creating a habit of prioritizing your tasks and focusing on one task at the time. Which of your responsibilities are the important tasks? Working on one task at a time streamlines your work, leaving you less stressed and less likely to make mistakes.

Utilize the right tools:

You may need specific tools to improve your work, whether it be software or hardware. Such tools can streamline repetitive tasks and make them easier to complete. Are you using any management software? If not, have you considered using one?


Establish a consistent communication channel with your colleagues so that you are never in the dark about what you are working on. There is nothing worse than going into a project blind. Never fear away from asking for help or clarification. This was you won’t waste time working on something unnecessary.

Make sure you take time out:

Utilize your lunch break to stretch, take a walk, eat, talk to people about subjects other than work. You need to give you brain a break in order to avoid burnout, and you need to keep your body fuelled. Perhaps take this time to think of alternative ways of improving work performance.

Ask for feedback:

Ask your colleagues for feedback on the tasks that you are working on. The only way to improve is to learn. You will never know everything, so ask your team members what can be done to improve your performance at work and professional development, both in the short run and in the long term.

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