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Published on 14th January 2014 by James Strickland

Employee Performance Review Software: Features & Customisations

The basic features of employee performance review software are:

  • Goal setting and work management for the employee and the business
  • 360 and social feedback through peer reviews
  • Reporting dashboards on performance and ndividual and team performance reviews
  • Although these basic features are similar in every organization they are different in terms of processes and methodology. Specifically every company customizes their performance review processes to adapt to changing company objectives, often driven from changes in the market environment.

From our experience, companies are after a flexible performance review software which allows customization in the following performance processes:

  • Customizable Rating Definitions: Companies customize their performance rating definitions according to the company vision. For example we have experienced a trend towards social rating definitions where the ranking is simply used to address development needs and not solely to measure performance.
  • Customizable Feedback Questions: To understand employee performance and employee development needs companies use feedback forms. But within an organization every department has different standards when it comes to performance. For example a customer facing team will require "people" skills while an R&D department will emphasize on technical skills. Hence, companies differentiate their feedback questions for every department while they maintain alignment to their vision and objectives.
  • Custom Feedback Reports: Performance reports are key to assessing team and employee performance. We have observed that leadership teams enjoy the option to create custom performance reports to assess employees and help them develop. Such reports can be skill comparison per employee, historic employee performance and employee versus team performance.
  • Custom Performance Reviews: At the end of the performance cycle employees complete their self-assessment and submit to their managers for assessment. The need of customization here stands out. The performance assessment should link to company objectives and employee needs, which can vary every performance cycle. Hence, it's critical to the HR director to be able to customize the performance review section based on company's objectives and employee needs.
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